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Many expatriates return home early from their expat assignment. Over 60% of the mergers fail. Main reasons are cultural differences. A lot of money goes wasted.

Save costs! Increase your return on investment on expatriations and turn your merger into a success. Learn how to communicate effectively and increase the success of your stay abroad and turn your business venture into a success.


Corporations expanding or opening a business abroad, international & foreign businesses or with multicultural personnel and businesses experiencing difficulties with an audience from another culture.

crossculturate offers a training & coaching to gain insight into the business values applied in a specific country. The training & coaching can focus on intercultural management, international business communication, business culture & etiquette training, international negotiations and/or conflict management.


Individuals relocating to another country and expats relocating to the Netherlands.

crossculturate  offers one on one consulting on cultural aspects of living and working in the country where you’ll be posted and/or culture and etiquette training with a practical focus.

Government & NGOs

Public administrations (ministries, provinces, municipalities), international organisations and governmental and non-governmental organisations.

crossculturate  offers European and international negotiation training for more effective participation in EU and other international forums. In the setting of a simulation exercise, for instance on a Council working party, each person or group gets personal instructions with a country profile. The focus can either lie on practical tips and tricks, international negotiations, conflict management and/or cross-cultural communications.

crossculturate  breaks down barriers in your cross-border negotiations and enhances your cross-cultural performance. Custom made cross-cultural training, consulting and publishing solutions designed to your personal needs.

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Licensed to administer the Culture Compass tool.

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