Providing the missing link in your global business

Gain awareness and understanding for your multicultural audience!

Break down barriers in your cross-border negotiations!

Many expatriates return home early from their expat assignment. Over 60% of the mergers fail. Main reasons are cultural differences. A lot of money goes wasted.

Save costs! Increase your return on investment on expatriations and turn your merger into a success. Learn how to communicate effectively, increase the success of your stay abroad and turn your business venture into a success.

provides cross-cultural training, consulting, publishing solutions & translation services designed to your personal needs. A practical forum of discussion, in depth review of your challenges, the pitfalls and the skills to discover and to stay on common ground.

has an extensive network and is able to assist you with any additional requests.

For a consultation about your situation and requirements, please contact at info [at] crossculturate.com.


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